Management and Personal Coaching in Brighton and Horsham

Management coaching helps people to develop assertiveness and more productive relationships. Coaching can have positive impact on your self-esteem, interpersonal effectiveness and business success. It increases your chances of change, improvement and your levels of job satisfaction. It supports you in your learning and development in the workplace and in your personal life.

Our coaches work with a wide range of people with a broad range of issues:

  • Some people who come for coaching are highly successful in their professional lives and want to keep that momentum and clarity.
  • Some come to focus on one particular problem that is causing them stress or anxiety, some have difficult relationships with members of staff that need resolving and some know that they are repeating a pattern in their lives which they would like to break.
  • Coaching can help managers and leaders to feel more confident in themselves and in their decisions.
  • Coaching can also support organisations in the process of change in uncertain times.

Renewed enthusiasm and positivity

Most people who have received coaching find that they have renewed enthusiasm and positivity and come away with new ideas about tackling their difficulties. Coaching, like counselling, is not about giving advice, it is about supporting people to find new ways of thinking and working towards the best solutions to issues that need attention.

In addition to management coaching we have experience in providing coaching for employment issues such as redundancy and career decision making, parenting, coaching for couples and relationships, retirement and other kinds of transition.

Transition coaching includes any process of managing change, examples include: moving in with a partner, marriage, relationship break down, pregnancy, motherhood, moving abroad, going to University, managing pregnancy termination and coming to terms with health issues.

“I feel more grounded”  “It really helped me to have a space in which I could look at my options”